Are Backpack Vacuums Any Good For Hardwood Flooring?

Vacuuming hard floors has for a long time been held as one of the most complicated house-cleaning activities. The issue is not when to clean but how to go about the cleaning. The major problem has always been on the type of vacuum cleaner to use. And that is why certain cleaning sites like Floor Executives will swear by the use of backpack vacuum cleaners, specifically for hardwood flooring:

Here’s our take on why these vacuums are so great:

No Wheels, No Drag Damage…

Anyone with an upright vacuum cleaner might have come across those pesky drag marks that make the floor rough. For this reason, one is always advised to get a cleaner with rubber-covered wheels to avoid this sort of damage. Yet, with backpack vacuum cleaners the whole hustle of push and pulling is forgotten. This is perhaps the most favorable thing about these portable vacuum cleaners across the board. 

Hose Control Made Easy

Most backpack cleaners come equipped with an easy to handle hose. As a result, cleaning is not only made easy but also convenient for one’s hands and movement. Beyond the ease is the ability to spread the hose wide and fast across the floor. This makes backpacks vacuum cleaners good for use on all manner of hard surface floors including hardwood floors.

Suction Matters

For efficient hardwood floor cleaning, proper suction is always recommended. Backpack vacuum cleaners offer straight suction which is the preferable mode for hard surface cleaning. This further strengthens the choice of backpack cleaners over other types of cleaners. 

No Mid-Cleaning Barriers

One problem with normal upright, stick and steam vacuum cleaners is their tendency to hit barriers when cleaning the house. Be it furniture, tools or even toys. The slender wand system on most backpack cleaners provides a runaround for this problem. Whether you are cleaning underneath your seats or behind the flower pot, these type of cleaners never disappoint. This means less time wasted moving items out of the way.

Factors to Consider Before Buying:

  1. Cleaning mechanism: For Hardwood cleaning, one should avoid cleaners that graze the surface. This means avoiding cleaners with beater bars and hard bristled brush rolls. The optimal choice is choosing a cleaner that uses suction as the main mechanism.
  2. Battery power: You do not expect a power cable to be hanging behind your back as you clean, do you? That is why you need to check on how long a fully charged battery would last you. If it drains faster than would be enough to clean the whole house, it might not be worth the choice. In essence, go for cleaners with longer lasting batteries.
  3. Type of wooden floor: Yes, this matters too. If you have a varnished/polished wooden floor any type of suction would work for you. This is because most of the dust and dirt will collect at the surface. Untreated and grooved hardwood floors need stronger suction cleaners to pull the dirt from within the grooved spaces. Either way, stronger suction serves the purpose in both cases.
  4. Attachments?: It is not given that you will always have an all-wooden floor. If your backpack comes with secondary attachments such as a beater brush, it would be nice for the day you decide to start cleaning carpets and other upholstery. Furthermore, a range of suction head sizes is appropriate for cleaning different parts of the house.

You Have The Final Say

When choosing household appliances, people tend to make judgments on mundane things such as the brand and cost. Do not compromise functionality over brand. When making your choice for a backpack vacuum cleaner or any other vacuum cleaner consider your circumstances and only settle for the best options available. After all, as the customer, you have the final say.

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