Introducing The Mini Vacuum Cleaner – “Mini Madness” Has Another Victim –

Mini Vacuum CleanerTechnology never ceases to amaze me; I used to clean my computer with toothbrushes, paintbrushes and by ineffectually trying to blow the dust off. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I heard of a mini vacuum.

These device aren’t much bigger than the palm of your hand and suck up dust even in between keys in a matter of seconds, which is why I just had to have one. This is a discussion of the best and worst mini vacuums that made my list.


For $3.03 this is not only the cheapest mini vacuum that I will discuss but also the cheapest currently available anywhere. Weighing in at a mere 3.2 ounces this tiny device plugs in to your computer via a USB port and is apparently packed with a host of functions-

  • A USB cable cord for connecting it to your PC and an LED indicator light.
  • It comes with a detachable brush tool.
  • It is also equipped with turbo sucking power and a turbo switch for when you want to use this function.

Unfortunately this vacuum from Evermarket has proved that price does matter. In spite of appearing to have many good capabilities the reviews I read online were terrible and when I tried it out in a store I found out why. The suction is ineffectual and the cord too short, even at $3 it is a waste of money.

Metro Vacuum- DataVac MEVMDV1BA

For just $69 you can own this mini vacuum cleaner that looks and functions just like a regular sized canister vacuum would. With the DataVac you can clean both the exterior and interior of any computer.

It has a steel construction and while it uses around 120 volts of electricity it is not powered by a USB cable but by a regular plug. It includes the following features-

  • It comes with a flexible hose that is 19inches in length.
  • Crevice tool, soft bristle brush tool and a shoulder strap for convenience.
  • It also includes air pin-pointer nozzles and has blower capabilities.
  • Finally the package comes with 5 extra dust bags that are disposable and a toolkit that includes 4 micro-cleaning parts.
  • The DataVac is made in the U.S.A, is environmentally safe and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

This device is great for IT professionals as well as technically impaired people like myself, it is easy to use and extremely powerful in spite of weighing in at a mere 3 pounds. The blower removes even the finest dust which the brushes can’t suction up.

Metro Vacuum- DataVac MS-4C

The MS-4C is cheaper than the MEVMDV1BA mentioned above, it also uses only 115 volts of power and at 8 ounces it weighs far less and is more compact than the MEV (weighs 3lbs). While this corded version is also environmentally friendly it does not have the same number of attachments as the MEV, it only comes with-

  • Three micro-cleaning tools- 1 crevice tool and 2 dust brushes.
  • 2 extra filter bags.
  • A dust cup which can be detached and emptied.


Because the MS-4C does not have as many capabilities as the MEV it is better suited for laptops which only require the keyboard to be cleaned, the MEV DAtaVac on the other hand is great for any PC. Evermarket would not be a worthwhile investment with its only redeeming feature being that it plugs directly into your PC.

Tiny VacuumAs I own both a laptop and a desktop PC I opted for the MEV and I am very satisfied. As neither of the last two products can be considered expensive they are definitely the best hand vac currently available.

Don’t forget to educate yourself a bit more on these mini vacuums before making a purchase.

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