Why You Should Buy a Dyson if You Have Shedding Pets at Home

It All Began With A Thought…

I hated dogs to my bones when I was a kid! It was mind boggling how people seemed to go crazy behind them! Nevertheless I was pretty adamant on a getting one. But one fine day, I read (and watched! Thank you Jennifer Anniston) Marley and Me! It was that precise moment as I vividly remember — when I just fell in love with that Labrador! The next thing I knew was to bring home a Lab just like that — And I did!

What I Dreamt It Would Be…

I had dreamt of an amazingly lovable yet a bit notorious dog I can shower all my love upon!

And What The Reality Was…

Oh yes! He was just as lovable and just as notorious as Marley, and yes he showered my house! Not with love, but with hair and dander all over! Though I loved him a lot, I was really aggravated to clean the house full of shedding!

The dog would run around the house and mock every attempt I made to clean it up, by clinging to the furniture, rolling (and drooling!) on the carpet and scratching his back to the floor! Happy and amused as I was to watch him, I just couldn’t take with all the dander and hair and dirt all around!

But well let’s face it. There is nothing in the world like a non-shedding dog. Dogs shed. It wasn’t until I stumbled onto this website that I decided to find myself a nice pet vacuum (Dyson being the obvious choice). Here’s the link to Home Floor Experts’ Facebook page if you want to follow them for tips on how to choose the right vacuum for your home: https://www.facebook.com/homefloorexperts

How My Decision Worked…

Now let me tell you how this decision was a really great one.

  • Dyson DC39 Pet VacuumThe Dyson DC39 Animal was a pet vacuum and is designed to clean the shedding of the animals and is hence quite efficient to use instead of a regular one (or any other one for that matter).
  • The regular vacuums just won’t pick up the fine hair locks and dander (also not to mention the feces, urine and crumbs that our darlings leave behind!). Dyson comes with special attachments which helps to pull out the hair that sticks stubbornly to the carpet.
  • Not only was the Dyson easy to use, but it also is low on maintenance and comes with hygienic emptying of the baggage which makes it easy to clean.
  • It is extremely user-friendly when it comes to cleaning all the mess our furry-friend left us!
  • It is compact and easy to handle as well as easy to store.
  • It meets each and every requirement of maintaining a house which is full of shedding.
  • The time needed to clean up all the mess was relatively lower, that means I could clean my house more efficiently in even less time!

Why You Should Buy a Dyson

I wouldn’t be exaggerating at all if I said, Dyson made me fall in love with my Lab all over again! Because the only thing that was keeping it from happening was the uncontrollable shedding which was absolutely taken care of!

Well, I know the web is flooded with the technical details as to what you can do to maintain your pet. But trust me when I say this — All you need is a Dyson, when you have a shedding pet at home!

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