Best Inexpensive Hardwood Vacuums

Hardwood FloorsNobody wants to have a house with dust, lent, and food particles littering the floor. Usually when people think of vacuums, they think of cleaning a dirty rug. If they give it more thought they may relate it to a wet rug and the intentions of using a wet vacuum to extract the excess water.

However, hardwood floors can also be cleaned with vacuums, and this article is going to be looking at some of Hardwood Champ’s best recommended vacuums for cleaning hardwood floors.

Before I list the vacuums, we should probably discuss which types are best for which type of hardwood floors. It is really quite simple. Canister Vacuum Cleaners are better for newer floors because they have rubber wheels and they are lighter as to not scuff the wood. If you have an older hardwood floor, then the uprights are just fine. Now on to our list:

Dirt Devil Accucharge Cordless Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Most cordless vacuums die quickly and as a result you spend more time recharging and less time cleaning. The Dirt Devil Accucharge is a 15.6 volt cordless and bag less vacuum that is energy efficient. Off of a single charge it is capable of running for hours while maintaining a high level of performance. Not only does it clean hardwood floors, but this machine also works great on tiles and kitchen rugs thanks to its close level suction technology

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum is the most maneuverable and lightest of the upright bunch. It is very powerful and cordless as well. It is smooth on floors and rugs while doing a fantastic job cleaning either surface. The bristles attached to the low pro base are easy to clean, the dust container and filter are easy to empty and the machine itself is a sight for sore eyes. This vacuum is powered by an 18 ion lithium battery. Hoover FloorMate Spin/Scrub ยท This edition of the Hoover FloorMate allows you to suck up all the dust and dirt while simultaneously washing and shining your floor. That function is what separates it from all the other vacuums listed. That duality is sure to leave you a satisfied customer.

Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

This is the only canister vacuum on this list and it is very affordable. It comes equipped with a dust bag so you can just dispose of it rather than having to clean it out. It is compact and powerful thanks to its 12 amp motor. The eureka also includes a couple different attachments and a 20 foot long cord which makes this light weight vacuum ideal because you don’t have to ever worry about it dying. Nothing says home improvement like cleanliness. You can buy all the furniture in the world and have the biggest house ever, but if it is dirty, what is the point? These machines can be purchased for a fraction of what other regular vacuums cost to keep your hardwood surfaces spic and span. This goes to show that you don’t always have to spend an arm and a leg in the pursuit of high quality gadgets. Shopping right is synonymous with shopping smart.

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