Proven Ways To Keep Marble Floors Looking Great

I absolutely love my marble floors. When we installed them I couldn’t have been happier with the results, they were shiny, brilliant and oozed elegance. But, over time I noticed they started to lose their luster that I loved them for.

I searched for ways to keep my floors well maintained and found some great tips. I want to share 4 things that worked wonders on them to restore them to looking new again and prevented them from becoming dull once more.

You may have noticed that marble is more susceptible to wear and tear than other stones. That is because it is from the limestone family, making it a softer and more porous stone.

Cleaning Marble Floors

Best cleaning tips:

  • Marble FloorUse a mop with warm water, changing the water often so it doesn’t get dirty.
  • Use a dry mop after so the warm water does not air dry.
  • Always keep the cleaning solution pH neutral, nothing acidic.
  • Never use anything abrasive, like detergent or baking soda.
  • Use a dry felt mop to dust regularly, never vacuum.
  • Do not let dust and dirt build up as the particles may scratch the surface.

Polishing Marble

I polish my floors regularly to bring out the color and shine of the natural marble. Just always be sure to use a product that is certified for use on marble surfaces. You can find these at your local hardware or flooring store.

You can do spot treatments if there is a particular area that is looking dull or has scratches, or you can wax the floor regularly to keep the whole floor looking great.

Care & Prevention

I hadn’t been caring for my floors like I should have. They are very sensitive to acidity and the surface can be easily scratched. Try to keep your pets off of it, or at least make sure to keep their nails short.

Someone told me to clean my house with vinegar because it was more environmentally friendly, but little did I know I was ruining my precious floor! Keep the acid away at all cost.

Be sure to put any items like plants and furniture on pads of felt so they don’t slowly decay the marble. Also use rugs and runners on areas that get a lot of foot traffic.

Apply A Sealer

With the porous nature of marble, it can easily absorb spills and those ugly stains can last a long time. I made the mistake of not applying a sealer after my marble was installed. I think this was my biggest regret.

A sealer acts as an impenetrable layer so that nothing can damage the floor underneath and it will keep its shiny beauty for longer.

Keeping your marble floors clean and making sure they look great for a long time can be a daunting task but if you follow my simple steps learned from years of trial and error on my own floors, your floors will look spectacular. Be sure to clean them properly, polish them often, prevent scratches and stain and apply a sealer after you have thoroughly cleaned the floors.

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